Bp solar pty ltd

bp solar pty ltd

The quality is excellent. We know that there are cheaper brands but they give us so many problems that we prefer to trust BP without hesitation. We recommend this brand because it has high quality and great technical service. The prices are very competitive. Since we usually work with low power facilities we are interested only in high quality panels like these. We never have had any problem with these panels. We have been using and selling BP solar panels for over 28 years.

When we started the company 30 years ago, they were the only one around, and they are still in the market, so we trust in this brand. We use BP Solar mounting systems for our installations because they fit perfectly with the BP panels that we provide. They are fast and easy to install, and they are engineered to meet all relevant Australian wind codes.

BP always use the best materials for their products so we can be sure these mounting systems are made to last a long time. BP Solar Pagine della Compagnia: component panel installer. Dettagli Aziendali Cristallino. Monocristallino, Policristallino. Fascia di Potenza Wp :. Tegole e Cornicioni. Recensioni The quality is excellent. Rivenditori Australia.

Connexa Energy. Ultimo Aggiornamento.Photovoltaic PV manufacturers are ruling the various sectors of renewable energy industry, thanks to the ever-growing demand for solar power.

Canadian Solar CS6P-P-SD SMART MODULE Interview

Also, PV makers are focusing on making superior quality solar panels that offer a lifetime of great performance these days. Its demand is ever-rising as more and more people are turning to green energy. The Solar PV makers in China have perhaps witnessed the biggest growth thumped by oversupply and margin crunch — its Australian counterparts, are not much behind, and are also doing very well these days.

BP Solar is headquartered in Victoria in Australia and has been a cost-effective and efficient solar power solution for the past few years. BP Solar offers residential, commercial and industrial application to their customers across the world. BP Solar has been an eminent name in the production of solar panels for over 25 years. Tindo Solar currently offers entire servicing of Tindosolar panels, to their existing customers and also to users of Tindosolar panels installed by other firms.

Tindo Solar is engaged in designing and manufacturing technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, for installation in Australia and also around the world.

Found inTindo Solar is entirely an Australian-owned and operated firm that focusses on increasing the manufacturing output while also creating Australian jobs in the sector of renewable power.

bp solar pty ltd

Tindo Solar makes PV panels that respects the sun and delivers on performance warranty. Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd Australian Solar Manufacturing Ltd is a pioneer when it comes to specialisation in the production of high-powered watt photovoltaic solar modules in Australia. The firm had started off as a company that used to offer quality PV solutions at a premium price.

Dyesol Dyesol has been a known name in the commercialization as well as development of Perovskite Solar Cell or PSC technology, which can be called the third generation in photovoltaic technology. Dyesol has been engaged in the manufacturing and supply of high-performance PSC equipment and has been committed to the successful commercialisation of PSC Perovskite Solar Cell photovoltaics in the country and abroad. Pacific Solar Pty Ltd Pacific Solar has expertise in a providing the entire product range in solar thermal power.

The firm has been making affordable solar photovoltaic solutions for the rooftops for their customers worldwide. The firm has been manufacturing, retailing and has been a wholesale supplier of PV panels as well.

Their much-acclaimed line of products includes — photovoltaic module components, photovoltaic modules, inverters, photovoltaic systems, and photovoltaic module mounting systems for rooftops.

The firm holds the record of providing clean power solutions to over 8,00, households in the country alone. Currently, Easy Being Green offers free LED upgrade, wholesale lighting, commercial lighting upgrades, amongst several other services. Kyocera Solar Kyocera has been a pioneer in solar power applications that range from homes to large firms; Kyocera solar energy solutions have been working towards reducing power bills, while improving efficiency and promoting energy independence for their customers.

Kyocera Solar also provides modules that are covered by a warranty. It has also forayed into solar financing along with installation. Optimal Power Solutions Optimal Power Solutions is engaged in developing energy storage options for mini power grids and clusters. The firm operates in many countries including Australia and India. Solar King Solar King has been making solar products for off grid power systems, farming and others since long.

Solar King has been a prominent name in Australia when it comes to solar panels, folding solar panel kits, batteries, solar regulators and portable power systems. PV Cool PV Cool has its roots in Victoria in Australia and its expertise is in manufacturing high-efficiency photovoltaic solar modules for concentrators; the firm has also created a niche in combining heat and power generation via its innovative clean energy.Leolando Pty Ltd is also known as Budget Campsie.

With a mini-mart operating all hours and load spikes in the morning and and the late afternoon, owner-operator Eric Chau knew something had to be done. The system is located on top of the canopy above the fuel dispensing pumps. There is a large underground storage for the petrol as well with thousands of litres of petrol. SolarEdge string inverters, with their SafeDC feature, was the technology called upon to solve the problem.

They minimise fire risks by de-energizing power optimisers and dropping the DC voltage to 1 volt. This can be activated when the inverter has been switched off, when the building is disconnected from the grid, and when there are cabling or insulation resistance faults detected. This goes much further than other string inverter systems, which merely have a DC isolator switch. They have SolarEdge tracking which shows whole system electricity consumption, solar generation, and solar self-consumption, for a full picture of electricity use.

This enables Eric to track performance of the system and his entire electricity use, and adjust his usage patterns to get the most benefit from his solar investment. He can then rely on grid electricity only when necessary.Lightsource BP is a global market leader in the development, acquisition and long-term management of large-scale solar projects and smart energy solutions. Our projects generate competitively-priced, dependable, clean energy for businesses and communities.

Unlike our competitors, we are the owner as well as the planner, developer, operator, and manager. We firmly believe that the delivery of solar alongside smart energy solutions will play a major role in the future of global energy. The way in which we finance our projects and our unique relationships with funders sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Choose another country or region to see content specific to your location. View all country options. Perfectly placed for the future of global energy Lightsource BP is a global market leader in the development, acquisition and long-term management of large-scale solar projects and smart energy solutions.

Group Advantage. World-class Solar Development Ambitious, innovative projects designed to change the future of how energy is sourced and used. Access to assets from best-in-class development execution Track record of 1. Structured Finance The way in which we finance our projects and our unique relationships with funders sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Higher operational performance through in-house management 2 GW under management providing experience and economies of scale Vertically integrated. Asset Management Integrated asset management and reporting Asset life extension opportunities Optimisation of assets. Technical Innovation is part of our DNA and we consistently push boundaries. Tracking new technology and developing own supply-chain IP, e. Procurement Lower construction costs than competitors because of investing in solar at scale.We use cookies and equivalent technologies to collect and analyse information on our site's performance and to enable the site to function.

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Introducing BP Rewards. The safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community is our utmost priority. Our liquid fuel supply chain continues to operate as normal. Net zero by BP has set a new ambition to become a net zero company by or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero.

bp solar pty ltd

To deliver the ambition, we will fundamentally reorganize to become more focused, more integrated and to face the energy transition head on. Projects to challenge you. People to inspire you. Training to develop you. BP offers everything you need for a rewarding career. Site traffic information and cookies We use cookies and equivalent technologies to collect and analyse information on our site's performance and to enable the site to function. Manage cookie preferences Agree.

Find out more. BP's response to COVID The safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community is our utmost priority. Read more.

Bp Solar Pty Ltd

Net zero by BP has set a new ambition to become a net zero company by or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero. Careers Projects to challenge you. Fuel pricing Find out how we price fuel for sale to wholesale customers. Quick links Natural gas and the transition to net zero Carbon capture use and storage Climate change Renewable energy. Energy Illustrated — Episode 4: natural gas. Global news and publications. BP Sustainability Report Reimagining energy.The views expressed by reviewers are theirs' alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of Peacock Media Group, which makes no representations as to the accuracy of the reviews.

For our full disclaimer and further information, see our Terms of Use and our Review Guidelines. Yes, BP once made solar panels, and did so for quite some years. BP announced in it was getting out of the solar module market, probably as a result of increasing competition and thinning margins.

If you'd like to ask us SolarQuotes a question, just hit the "yes" button below or the "no" button to close this message.

Ready for some quotes? Enter your postcode now. BP Solar solar panels reviews 4. Based on 22 ratings Aus Ranking 5 star 11 4 star 10 3 star 0 2 star 0 1 star 1.

Show ratings from: Last 6 months. Last 12 months. Last 24 Months. Last 36 Months. All time. The solar panels have got snail trails over them they are not working to capacity. They have also got bad discolouration. I had a review from the government about installation and they recommended replacement of affected panels.

The install came back and recommended the replacement of panels. The installer contacted BP they wanted photos in whcih they were given but it has been at least 3 months since then.

They are still on the roof with no replacemnt panels in sight. I would not recommend this brand of panels. There is no Australian office here they have moved overseas i have been told. I just want my panels replaced so the system can work properly again. Happy at this stage since Nov Even on the coldest winter day our solar panels are producing sometimes as low as 2. This is for a 3. My neighbours a jealous I have them, Maybe it will make enough sense to them to have some installed. We have not had them cleaned yet, but plan to spray windex window cleaner on them and hose it off before it dries.

BP Solar has 22 solar panels in our database. Overall rating. Most good reviews. Avg Score. Please be aware you're on the third-party solar review website SolarQuotes. No Yes.

bp solar pty ltd

To get your quotes, please enter your postcode:.Solar Energy Products. We've managed to keep the aircon off on a lot of days and only turn it on on the really hot ones. I predict we'll be saving a lot on the energy bills!

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Thanks for the help Go Lights, I wouldn't have known what to pick myself! They work really effectively in winter and in summer! You just have to hit the reverse button on the fan in winter. They were a good price and work well thanks guys. They're much more pleasant to work under and very stylish. Would recommend for small business as the prices are very reasonable. We bought some gorgeous indoor lights and also some step lights and garden lights. I think the value of our property has really gone up, and it wasn't too expensive.

Thanks Go Lights! I got some advice from one of the electricians on their help line because I don't know much about the best lights, and he gave me some good advice. Will definitely be coming back to this company when I need new lights inside my house. They were pretty affordable, I'm very happy with them. He helped me pick the best underwater lights for my pool.

I was really glad to be able to call up and ask advice as it was easier than heading into town to buy them. Would definitely come back to them, very lovely service. Many thanks to you.

I couldn't believe how filthy our solar panel system was after 3 weeks of rain!! I was amazed. Luke from Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning was very likable and professional.

Bp solar pty ltd