Open live writer not working with blogger

Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn how to collaborate with Office I have been using the windows live writer for years and today it wont let me post into my blogger blog. The first error was stating that my user name and password was incorrect so I changed it.

It still didn't work and still stating the same issue. Now the error message I get is blogger return the following error: Notfound: not found. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it keeps saying the same issue. App specific password generation. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

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open live writer not working with blogger

This site in other languages x.We are chilly here, but not dangerously so. I think it fell to 20 degrees last night, but it's rebounding quickly. Tomorrow will be in the 60s. We are up and down right now. Your blooming roses in the dead of winter are a constant amazement to me.

I always write my blog posts inside Blogger because I didn't know there was another way to do it. I've never heard of Open Live Writer. I'll bet it feels frigid down there in warm and sunny Florida! I am sorry you are having tech trouble. That always throws me for a loop. So frustrating!

Your beautiful flowers don't seem to be affected by the cold! Hi Lorraine, after lots of Googleing the problem, I read that photos need to be from Google Photos and not the usual Picasa album that I like so much.

open live writer not working with blogger

But I still have to find out how to load them to Open Live Writer. Like you, I like the way I can do a post offline, edit, and leave, or publish right away. Your beautiful flowers, our small garden has taken a battering in the strong winds the last few days, so I now need to rethink what we can have planted here.

Yes, that storm, I would leave the shovelling if at all possible. I love seeing your gorgeous flowers. Yes,it is cold hereabout we expect that during this time of year and are fully prepared. That is pretty cold for you guys. We've had lots of snow and you'll see in my post tomorrow how much I shoveled off my deck after work today.

Loving all your flowers. A welcome sight after looking at nothing but the white stuff. Beautiful flowers! Yes you should appreciate your climate minus that cold wave!

Cold and snow in my opinion is getting very boring!This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post. Are you sure you want to continue? Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. Google Help. Help Center Community Blogger. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback.

Send feedback on Help Center Community. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Karen Skruodys. My blog will not publish. Trying to publish blog post. Have uninstalled and reinstalled open live writer. I have saved the blog as a draft, but it will not publish.

Recently, this past October, it published fine. I get error message Error messagesWindowsOther Browser. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 2. Dave MacKay. Recommended Answer. I just downloaded Open Live Writer and successfully posted to Blogger.

Gold Product Expert.

open live writer not working with blogger

Original Poster. Karen Skruodys. Gold Product Expert Nigel stwNigel. Nigel stwNigel. All Replies Google user. User Teraatabu Tetaake. Matheus Laville. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Discard post? You will lose what you have written so far. Subscribe to updates. Failed to attach file, click here to try again.Open Live Writer is an amazing blog editor for any of your blogging platform, earlier Windows Live Writer used to rule this but it was discontinued and Open Live Writer was written to get the modern enhancements and security fixes by developers all over the world.

Now its still cannot compete with windows live writer in terms of plugins support as it does not have currently but it will soon get some plugins support as suggested by some developers. So either you are on WordPress or blogger it makes your blogging journey a lot easy and fun to write all those long articles and even attaching some images to pamper your readers to a next level. But recently we found some problems and people on Blogger platform were not able to upload any image using open live writer, I am not sure why this actually happened but it might be due to some security patch by google or so.

But we obviously have best developers in our community and they have pushed an update but I am not sure why its not reflected on official site of open live writer. So I tried that and luckily it worked, the new version which is in beta stage 0. So if you are getting this error while you are trying to publish your post on blogger platform using open live writer then this is due to images you are adding in your post, well try removing those images and publish again, you will how easily your post is getting published on your blog.

Well now to fix this as I have told earlier, open live writer has given an update using that one can easily post images and text and anything else like earlier and post gets published easily, so lets what all you need to do. The process to fix this is very simple and will only take like min to fix, let see all the steps to fix this bad request error in your open live writer. After this BETA update people started to post like they used to earlier but they faced another issue and even I was getting frustrated with this error of Open Live Writer opening multiple instances of its own automatically one after another, but after investing some much time and uninstalling and re-installing, I found a simple fix to this, well its nothing, as you all know Open Live Writer updates itself automatically, but developers have not released this version publicly on there site they still have that old 0.

Uninstall the older version of Open Live Writerwell you can also just install the latest version as it updates automatically, but I would recommend to uninstall the older version as fresh install could lead to success path. For uninstalling I always recommend that you use Revo Uninstaller Its Free and completely removes all the traces and leftovers for that specific software. After you have removed the older version, simply download the new version of Open Live Writer 0.

How to get Open Live Writer working with Blogger

After you have downloaded the latest version, you just need to install it and do the earlier process of linking your blog, to start posting again. Simple open the file location where Open Live Writer is installed, you can do that by right clicking on open live writerthen click on properties and then click on Open File Location.

So you will see update. So guys now you know exactly how you can fix the bad request, remote server issue in open live writer and even fixed the multiple instances opening for open live writer after installing the latest beta build 0.

How to Fix Blogger Photo Upload Issue via Open Live Writer

Do comment below if you face any issues fixing your open live writer. Rishabh Jain at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.This blog post explains the workaround and how I figured it out. I tried installing several different versions of Open Live Writer via Chocolatey. I found that the issue is also present in versions v0. The best way to get Open Live Writer working with Blogger is to install Chocolateyand then run this command:. That will install the correct version of Open Live Writer that we need to authenticate.

Windows live writer wont connect to blogger

Open Live Writer uses Squirrel which is a tool that assists with automatically updating software when it is launched. This will run the Squirrel updater, and your system will be updated to the latest version which is v0. It was a bit of brute force. First I cloned the repository for Open Live Writer from here. I looked into the. Therefore, my theory was that the person who packaged up Open Live Writer versions v0.

This leads to the idea that probably someone in the past DID have it updated, so I tried successive earlier and earlier versions until I hit on v0. However, this makes it difficult for individuals to build a complete version of the app. I suspect they could get a good deal from that vendor. I wrote up the bug in Issue There is still an issue with using images and Open Live Writer with a Blogger account due to the Picassa shutdown. I will post again if I find a workaround for that issue. Log in or register to rate.

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How to create Blogger Blog : Using Open Live Writer: Blogging tool for Bloggers on Windows OS

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First of all compliments for this effort. Totally awesome! During setup I am asked to enter the address of my blog, username and account. Every time the installer returns with the message 'The user name or password is incorrect.

Please try again. Already I've set my Google account to allow apps with lower security. With Windows Live Writer this works. With kind regards, Marnix Wolf. There are some people working on this mentioned on 5we where trying to get it in for yesterdays initial release but where not feeling good about it. Alternatively we can create a new branch here.

Keeping this issue open for now. It will be fixed at the same time as 5 but good to have this one here for other people that are having trouble logging in. Also got some nice screenshots that show the problem. New to blogging and using blogger. Got really excited when I heard about OLW, but alas I was too quick and tried to use it before I read up about it and saw about the authentication issue.

Got excited when I learnt I could use Word, but that's got same issue : hoping you guys can fix this issue with OLW soon. As Windows Live Writer doesn't work anymore.

From May as I remember. But no luck: The user name or password is incorrect. I reinstalled both applications with no joy. Thousands must be affected by this, and this is not the first time. How to proceed? However, today when I tried I could not not found:not found. I understand OLW will support the new one. This is probably beyond my humble skillset, but I nonetheless started playing with the code.

The closed issues still reference the others. Reason for keeping this open was that the closed issues are harder for people to find and we where getting dupes. Hopefully won't have to leave this open for long before we get it fixed. Open Writer does not work, is someone working on this problem?

I have the same problem as mwscap. There is much pointless time wasting information circulating to address this problem—much goes back several years. The problem is not new. However, all of it is useless or ineffective.Beautiful pictures of the palms! So glad you were able to get them published - finally! Darn modern technology. Stay warm tonight! Thanks Dolly.

open live writer not working with blogger

It is amazing the difference in Yuma now that he is here. He can't wait to go outside. I'm glad I caught the palm trees with the sun on them. It was a difficult hike for me and I didn't want to do it again. Sure is frustrating with all these blogging problems at the moment.

Blogger worked Okay for about two thirds through my Monday post then simply quit working altogether. Wouldn't upload any more photos or text. Tonight neither Blogger or Live Writer will post if it has a photo in it. If it wasn't for Kelly I think I would have just thrown the computer out the window and took up basket weaving. We're too old and dumb for this new fangled technology! I spent a lot of hours yesterday and today trying to publish my post. I think this last update for Windows 10 is causing me problems.

Good luck with yours. Good to see Yuma running wild and free - he has waited about a week or so. I think it is colder in KOFA because of the elevation. Your feet may be cold but your heart is warmed by seeing Yuma so excited. You sure got some great photos of the palms. Rest up before tackling Quartzsite - it's just a big flea market swarming with people. Your story about the Ranger had me worried - glad all is OK. Thanks Moonfly. The ranger did give me a scare because when they stop by it usually means trouble.

First time for me and it turned out good. Glad I got up the canyon while the sun was hitting the palm trees. Not sure I could trek up there again anytime soon. The cold won't last long and it is worth it for Yuma to be happy again and running like the wind. Nice you got your pictures to publish, got some beautiful pictures!

It might be a bit cooler but at least Yuma is much happier! Take care Dad. Love you. Thanks Steve. It'll warm up soon enough. Yuma is much happier now and we have a nice secluded place to stay for awhile. Love your pictures of the Palm Canyon, we were there a few years ago and loved it, brings back memories. Good Luck with blogger, works fine for me.

Thanks George.

Open live writer not working with blogger